Gas Prices

Regular Gas Mid Gas Premium Gas Diesel Gas
Credit: 2.779 Credit:3.129 Credit: 3.479 Credit:3.659
Debit:2.759 Debit: 3.109 Debit:3.459 Debit: 3.639
Cash:2.749 Cash: 3.099 Cash:3.449 Cash: 3.629

Latitudes’ gasoline prices are always low and have some of the fastest and highest quality gas and diesel pumps around. We pride ourselves in great quality fuel for our customers’ cars. We even have charging stations for those with electric cars and save money on gas. Either way, both can grab a quick snack or stay and chat in our cozy dining area. Whether you’re gassing up, grabbing a bite or stocking up on fresh food, Latitudes is there for you.

We have both a cash discount & debit discount!

Faster Pumps

Let’s face it. No one likes buying gas. Not even us and we sell the stuff! So we try to make the experience as convenient as possible because we know your time is valuable. Our pumps are FAST – to get your vehicle filled and back on the road. We have specially designed islands so there’s a lot of room to get in and out without having to wait in line.

Quality Gasoline

We purchase only the highest quality gasoline from virtually all of the major oil companies. We buy directly from various pipelines and pass along the savings to you. We also offer diesel on every pump because we understand that this is one of the fuels of the future and shouldn’t be limited to a single outside pump.

Pump Coupons

You can save even more on your in-store purchases by printing the coupons at the Pumps!  Watch the video screen for all of the current specials.  If there is an option to print a coupon, simply press the button to the left of the screen and a coupon prints out where you get your receipt!  It’s fast, it’s easy, it’s SAVINGS!